Inaugural Post

I set up this site in early September, 2012, with the intention of creating both a “lab webpage” for my lab at UCSD and a blog for science and policy advocacy. My friends may remember my old “Live Journal” blog from graduate school. I didn’t use it as a public journal, per se, but was more like a running commentary on the world around me. I miss long-form / free-form writing and have wanted to get a blog back up and running. There’ve been so many times where I’d thought to myself that a particular exploration of a topic would make for an interesting article, but lacked the platform to do so. I also wanted to put online a repository of some commonly used lab procedures. New students and new lab workers will often ask me for a “protocol” for a particular procedure and the instruction manuals for kits are sometimes too broad or vague (because they cover lots of different uses); so rather than searching the deepest, darkest corners of my harddrive for typewritten procedures every time a new student arrives, I’m hoping to eventually create a reference here. My original intention was to have all these methods online before starting to write posts & articles, but four months have passed and I’ve only managed to get several procedures online, so I will just consider that to be a work in progress while I move on. So here goes.  Hello, world.  Again.


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