Advanced Teaching Laboratory – Role play style

Several months ago, I posted that I would create an advanced undergraduate laboratory, for example in microbiology to teach experimental design and stats analysis principles to students. I made some progress on this project and wanted to share the outline / proposal. This work, though, is a labor of love. I can’t implement it in my current position, but would need to score an appointment with a teaching role. I am just a research assistant professor in a School of Medicine; writing grants and publishing papers. The concepts and principles could be adapted for any life sciences discipline like molecular biology, physiology, immunology (that would seriously be fun, honestly!), or entomology (even more fun but unlikely). I’m embedding the outline below and here is a link to the full working document, which is a lab manual. I’ll update it as the chapters fill out. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to implement my plans. Happy Autumn.




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