UC San Diego MicroRNA Scientific Interest Group

I have started a new MicroRNA Scientific Interest Group, which I intend to be campus-wide and bring together researchers whose work touches these molecules, because they seem to be involved in nearly every pathway.

My Department has created as website and Google-calendar, which is linked to here: http://psychiatry.ucsd.edu/education/Pages/InterestGroups.aspx

I am very excited to get this started. As I mentioned to my Dept Chair: I have not organized any large events like this since I was a fearless grad student, so I am a little bit nervous. However, the first meeting was a success. Students and faculty were engaged, asked questions — and the discussion took the evening 40 minutes past the planned stop time!

For the first meeting, I gave a brief introduction, followed by a 10 minute research presentation (of our microRNA-138 in the aging mouse, published in Am. J. Geriatric Psychiatry), and Dr Maurizio Zanetti, Prof of Medicine at the Moore’s Cancer Center gave an incredibly interesting talk about some of the tools his lab has developed.

Since the research results and data that I presented were already published, I will go ahead and embed my presentation here.



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