Splice variants of KCNMA1 from representative frontal cortex from Control and HIV-positive donor. This is splice-specific in situ hybridization. From (1).
Splice variants of KCNMA1 from representative frontal cortex from Control and HIV-positive donor. This is splice-specific in situ hybridization. From (7).
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    MicroRNA-138 in situ hybridization in mouse frontal Cortex (40X image), fast-red counterstain large pyramidal neurons. From (8).

    Gene expression of genes which are targets for dysregulated microRNAs; from frontal cortex of HIV-infected individuals diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. From (12).

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    Quantifiying Nuclear Translocation of GR with and without siRNA knockdown of FKBP4. From (16).

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